Monday, March 17, 2008


When I started this blog, it was for two primary reasons. One, to challenge myself to maintain something with regularity, hence my attempts to post at least once a week, usually on Monday or Tuesday. The other was to polish up my rusty writing skills while focusing on a particular passion, hopefully learning more as I go along.

That said, I'm realizing that I need to take a posting break to try and get this blog looking the way I want it to. I am also adding a new feature which I hope will expand it's horizons, getting it closer to it's true form, which is about craft and makers.

There is so much stuff to make as well, I can't even tell you sisters and brothers. I've got knitting out the whazoo, which came to a brief halt last week. I just got sick of it. I've got an embroidery assembly line going for Etsy. The new goal is to whack my shop up there after my visit to the States in July. There are also clothes to sew for said trip. The problem with being a part of two summers in one year is that my summer wardrobe is shabby and lame to the nth power as far as style-osity.

I will now go take a brief gaze at Ravelry before the smallish boy wakes. Haven't been on Ravelry for yonks, due to my knitting break.

No Tips and Wrinkles today.


Molly said...

Oh dear! I tagged you! It's a 7 random creative things meme that you haven't yet talked about on your blog!

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

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