Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Missing You

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I have been ignoring you. I really love the writing part, and the planning of the writing, but have been having trouble finding the time to do the other stuff I want to do for you, like make you pretty.

OK, OK, I know I had a couple of hours last night. I got sucked into the Big Brother Launch. How did that happen! I am a weak, weak, woman. I did knit a little while it was on. Do you forgive me? I had trouble turning away after Brigitte walked in. I am so ashamed...

I have been productive, blog, I have! The child remains clothed, fed, and happy. I have been knitting a little bit, sewing quite a lot, sketching and reading. My marriage is still good. I made lamb pides this morning, and emailed some friends. I made that doctor's appointment. I started a business plan. The house is almost clean in limited areas.

Yes, yes, I did watch three episodes of Oprah. Alright, fine, I did watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale. Come on, it came down to Rhys v. Jack! They are both so cute, in a "they could be my sons" kind of way. I am sure I was knitting or sewing at the time.

Blog, don't be mad. I am swearing off this brief elicit affair with reality TV. It could be hormonal.


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