Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Computer Wars

We don't truly war in this household, but Chris has been looking for a new job and has been "hogging" the computer to prepare for job interviews, look for jobs, etc etc. I can't complain. As he is the one who actually brings in the money to clothe and feed us, I think he can monopolize our limited technology for the time being.

That said, I am considering an even more total blog revamp. I am skulking around other blogs to see what providers they use, possible graphics, that sort of thing. Ultimately, this blog is to be an extension of my professional self, so I want it to appear that way instead of a hackneyed personal diary which is what I've been more or less maintaining to the present.

It is very exciting to be building a small business from home. It is also scary, considering the heaps of people doing it. Scary thoughts include a saturated market for one, but handmade craft is not, say, gym shoes or weight loss programs. Hopefully, us crafters will make things that speak to people on a more personal level.

That said, I am finding about 20 minutes a day at present to throw towards said crafts. All the others are of immediate personal need. Clothes for me, baby, toys, all that sort of thing. There are lots of benefits for taking on a simple living sort of lifestyle, but it can eat up the tick tocks.

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